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1 – Contact Dr. Maurício Orel, by email (mauricioorel@yahoo.com), and tell about the surgery you are interested in and he will send you a register form for some datails. *

2 - Than, if you wish a cost estimate, he will request that you send some pictures for his medical analysis.

3 - On agreement with the cost, he will register you and request the preoperative exams. These exams should be made in your city to be sure that you are in good conditions of health to undergo the proposed surgery. The register and exams should be sent in by email or fax. The exams should be probably repeated in Brazil.

4 - After analyzing the information and medical approval of your surgery, he will be able to schedule the date of your preference for your arrival to Brazil.

5 – For your comfort, if necessary, Dr. Orel may indicates an experienced partner travel agency wich will help you with flights and lower costs hotel reservations.

6 - Afterwards, he will schedule your surgery as soon as you wish.

7 - After the surgery, you will stay in the hospital for eight to twenty-four hours, returning soon afterwards to the hotel, where you will stay ten days at least, depending on the surgery. During this period, he will accompany your postoperative recovery, with periodic consultations, curatives and other procedures, until conditions are considered perfect to be able to return to your country.

* This process does not replace personal medical consultation with Dr. Maurício Orel wich will happen in all cases prior to surgery.



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